"we can only do what it seems to us we were made for, look at this world with a happy eye but from a sober perspective.”

-W.H. Auden

February 12, Saturday Night

February 12, Saturday Night


Rare night out, and we’re Valentining it up.

Brandishing jellied candy, I gave my sweetheart

a sweet heart. We encountered a sweathog

along the walking path that led to the heart

of our suburb’s quiet downtown. (Or as we thought

of it, “downtown.”) The frijoles tasted super,

as did the salsa at the small Mexican restaurant—

but poor, vexed us! The daddy-daughter dance

next door grew out of control. Turned to a slaughter.

Yet you remained cinammony, like horchata.

Ever steadfast, yes, and tasty like horchata.

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